Top 5 Gaming Mouse Under 1000


A gaming setup, and especially a gaming PC, is insufficient without a gaming mouse. Even though there are likely many of them on the market, the price of a high-end computer mouse can be quite expensive. All gamers who have been searching for a nice gaming mouse at an affordable price will find the most dependable options here. In this article, we will explain how to choose the best gaming mouse that can be purchased for less than Rs 1,000 in 2022. Let’s take a look at this now, shall we?


Let’s go –

1. Redragon Phaser M609

The Redragon Phaser M609 is highly recommended as one of the finest gaming mice available at this price point. It includes a button whose sole purpose is to adjust the mouse’s DPI at any given time. You are free to alter the mouse’s sensitivity at any time, even while actively playing a game.


It is a well-designed gaming mouse that is also comfortable to use for prolonged gaming sessions.


Pros –


Long-lasting and ultrasmooth Teflon foot pads.


A significantly widened and distinctively ribbed scroll wheel protection.


6 programmable buttons, including 2 thumb buttons that can be customised


Cons –


Smaller-handed individuals may experience some difficulty.


Not good for finger grip

2. Offbeat RIPJAW

It is a beautiful RGB mouse with a long-lasting battery, in addition to its functional design and aesthetic appeal.


This wireless gaming mouse requires no extra batteries and can be utilised anywhere. Once the device’s battery is depleted, you will simply need to recharge it.


The fact that it can be used even while charging is its most attractive feature. You don’t want anything to interfere with your enjoyment, do you?


Due to its wireless operation, the response time is 1 millisecond. Consequently, you need not be concerned about the latency.


Pros –


This is a charging-capable gaming mouse.


This is the greatest mouse available for gaming, video editing, and photo editing.


The RGB lights were the icing on the cake, and they gave this mouse an attractive appearance.


This mouse is exceptionally comfortable! Because the finger and thumb grooves are naturally curved, using it is comfortable, and this comfort enables us to complete our task without experiencing fatigue.


This mouse is outfitted with seven buttons that will assist your hand in navigating any game scenario.


Cons –


This mouse is on the heavier side, so only individuals with relatively large hands will find it comfortable to use.

3. Redgear A-20

The fact that the Redgear A20 is an authentic gaming mouse is evident at a glance, even from a considerable distance. It is a respectable gaming mouse with a comprehensive set of features you may not find elsewhere.


It is a wired RGB mouse with a sleek design and a comfortable feel, as well as 16.8 million colour customization options.


You can adjust the DPI to a maximum of 4800 with the help of the button on the mouse that is specifically designated for this purpose.


Excellent construction quality that ensures the gaming mouse will retain its original shape for the longest time possible.


Pros –


The level of comfort and overall build quality of this mouse are both satisfactory.


When we activated the RGB lights, however, the Redgear A20 won our hearts. With 16.8 million different colour options, the mouse offers a level of customization that is fairly impressive given its price.


Through the use of configuration software, you will be able to modify the hues and lighting effects rapidly.


The effect of breathing is appealing to me because it seems quite satisfying. If you find the RGB lights intolerable for whatever reason, you can disable them through the programme.


Cons –


It weighs 150g, which is not an excessively high amount, but I feel compelled to mention it because many gamers prefer a mouse that is not excessively heavy.

4. Zebronics Zeb-Transformer-M

The Zebronice Zeb-Transformer-M is likely one of the best gaming mice available at such a low price, and it is offered by Zebronice.


This mouse’s lack of RGB lighting is made up for by its seven different LED lights in an assortment of colours.


In addition, it includes a button dedicated to controlling the DPI, which can be set to a maximum of 3200.


It is comparable to other gaming mice in that it has additional toggle buttons that can be used while playing your favourite games.


Pros –


The first positive characteristic of this mouse is. Because it costs less than 400 rupees, a variety of gamers can afford it.


The mouse is designed to work on any surface, and its installation is as easy as plugging it in and turning it on; no additional software is required.


Buttons specifically designated for forward and reverse movement,


The gaming mouse has buttons designated for forward and backward movement, making it easier for players to switch between screens.


The gaming mouse features a premium build quality and comes with a gold-plated button.


Cons –


Its construction is not of very high quality. However, at this price point, you have no reason to complain.


The next item on our list is a wireless gaming mouse that looks incredible and is cordless.


The Coolcold T-Wolf features rechargeable and ingeniously organised RGB lights.


Due to its mechanical construction, this gaming mouse appears to be more of a robotic accessory for a personal computer. Therefore, it has the potential to be the optimal computer component.


Due to its support for a maximum of 2400 DPI, it is a superior option for use with personal computers with lower screen resolutions.


Pros –


Because it includes a rechargeable battery, you won’t need to constantly purchase new batteries.


The DPI switch button enables quick switching between three different DPI settings, the default being 1200.


The cool light holes that are located on both sides of the lens will provide you with the coolest and most dreamlike glare vision.


By utilising a high-end optical gaming engine, it is possible to eliminate stuttering and frame skipping.


The faux leather used to create the anti-slip and anti-sweat coating on the matte surface is made from genuine leather.


Cons –


It weighs approximately 160 grammes, which is a comparatively hefty amount.


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